Viafin West Welding involved in renewable energy initialization project

Viafin West Welding is going to deliver two 700m3 LNG-tanks to the prime contractor Wärstilä. Wärtsilä offers a turnkey solution to Raahen Voima Oy for SSAB factory located in Raahe.

SSAB will get the liquified natural gas (LNG) tanks manufactured by Viafin West Welding Oy to their factory in Raahe. SSAB is currently taking part in the LNG-terminal project of Manga LNG Oy. Raahen Voima operating in the industrial area of Raahe, is going to replace some of its oil based fuels and SSAB is going to use natural gas instead of currently used propane to reduce emissions. Tanks delivered by Viafin Welding Oy are a vital part of this reform.

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