Terästorni Oy


Our company specialises in supplying paper and pulp industry vessel projects to both Finland and globally. Our leading position as the leading supplier of pulp towers is based on our competitive edge and the trust our clients place on us.

Supplier of great towers

Our main products are the large storage tanks and pressure vessels, such as digesters and reactors, for pulp and paper industry. Terästorni always designs the products according to client specifications. We calculate the factors of safety, dimensioning, manufacturing, transportation and installation of our structures. Process sales are not part of our business.

We produce and deliver punctually and economically. Our numerous innovations have brought security to our cyclic business.

Quality control and experience

The key factor underlying the Terästorni product quality is the all-encompassing control of the production process, from design to installation. Thanks to our own design team, we can optimise the products in the most cost-efficient way.

The best guarantee of our quality is the experience and know-how acquired by our company during the past decades.

Towers that withstand earthquakes

Mere production and installation are not enough for a pulp tower supplier.

The towers have to withstand unforeseen natural forces and conditions. They have to withstand even catastrophes.

Terästorni has the required design expertise and experience.