West Welding Oy

Manufacturer of highly specialised pressure vessels

West Welding manufactures big-calibre pressure vessels, heat exchangers, LNG storage / fuel tanks and installs products of engineering industry. In addition to high-quality know-how and reliability, our process industry partners appreciate our speed and guaranteed deliveries.

The large scale and weight of the products demand a lot from the machinery. West Welding has state-of-the-art lifting and transportation fleet as well as sheeting and welding machines. Our facilities are located very favourably, also in view of marine transportations.

Supervised and certified quality

West Welding has a certified quality system and a very experienced staff. Our work and products are supervised by several different organisations, such as SFS-Inspecta and Achilles Information Centre.

Standards ensure the rationality and quality of design. We use e.g. EN13445, AD2000, BD5500, ASME, Gost Certification (Russia) and HTFS design software (heat exchangers). The end products are inspected by an impartial inspector, NDT.

Here you can find our certificates!

Simultaneous production - for the benefit of the client

Hand-in-hand design and production ensure the most efficient and economical solutions.

The short turn-around times and competitive pricing of West Welding are based on low overhead costs and excellent project management.