Viafin masters total deliveries

The Viafin Group serves suppliers of production systems and clients from process industry globally. The synergy is based on top-level know-how and R&D between different units.


Our main products are pulp towers for pulp and paper mills. Terästorni is one of the world's biggest suppliers in this product group.

We always design the products according to client specifications. We calculate the factors of safety, dimensioning, manufacturing, transportation and installation of our structures. Process sales are not part of our business.

West Welding

We are a strong partner in process industry. We manufacture pressure vessels and heat exchangers and install machinery. The best-known products include massive vessels that have to stand gases, acids, flammable fuels, pressure, corrugation and high temperatures.

Process Piping

We provide contracting for process industry piping assemblies and utilise West Welding's experience from pressure vessels and directives in manufacturing the pipes. We also offer maintenance services.


Decades of manufacturing have yielded a strong experience.

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